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Don’t Take Rejection Personal.

6:07 pm

Women are ruthless when it comes to choosing a mate. Relationships and sex are a big investment for women. Most women are willing to stay single for years in order to find someone worthy of their investment.
If a woman rejects you do not take it personal, she has rejected hundreds of men before you. Keep improving yourself and don’t stop playing the field until you find a woman.
I have been rejected hundreds times by all types of women. I have also dated and slept with extremely attractive women. If you are a man in the dating market […]

Overcome Approach Anxiety

4:38 pm
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One of the biggest problems in men that are learning the art of seduction is approach anxiety. Approach anxiety refers to the anxiety that arises in men right before they approach a female. That anxiety is produced by the fear of being rejected, embarrassed, judged or hurt.
A.A. is a big problem because it dramatically interferes with the process of learning Pick-Up. How will you learn to seduce women if you don’t even have the confidence to approach them?
Confidence does not come natural. It takes years of hard work, experience and practice in order to develop […]

Attract & Seduce Women On Demand

6:37 pm

You have options when it comes to getting new women in your life. If you don’t have a solid social circle in where you can meet beautiful women consistently you should try Day-game (Specific segment of game that involve picking up women during the day).
It’s extremely hard to pick-up random women in the streets but it is worth the effort because after you learn proper game you will have the opportunity of having as many women as you want. In the following video you can witness me picking up a random girl in the street […]

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