Overcome Approach Anxiety

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One of the biggest problems in men that are learning the art of seduction is approach anxiety. Approach anxiety refers to the anxiety that arises in men right before they approach a female. That anxiety is produced by the fear of being rejected, embarrassed, judged or hurt.

A.A. is a big problem because it dramatically interferes with the process of learning Pick-Up. How will you learn to seduce women if you don’t even have the confidence to approach them?

Confidence does not come natural. It takes years of hard work, experience and practice in order to develop confidence. Most people think that confidence is a choice. You don’t choose to be confident because confidence is a sub-conscious behavior such like breathing or blinking that we do without being aware that we are doing it. Courage is a choice but being confident is something that you do sub-consciously.

Nobody can be confident on demand. Your level of confidence is based on your experience and positive reinforcements. For example, Mike Tyson is confident in the ring because he fought hundreds of boxing matches in the past and he was the heavy weight champion of the world. An average person without boxing experience won’t feel confident in a ring.

The same rules applies to dating. If you don’t have experience talking or interacting with women you won’t be able to be confident around them. Most men fail in dating and are lonely because their lack of confidence, in other words their lack of experience and positive reinforcements.

Watch this epic infield pick-up video of me confidently approaching women in New York: 

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