Overcome Approach Anxiety

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    Approach anxiety ? Pfff, my students don’t know what that is after training with me.

One of the biggest problems in men that are learning the art of seduction is approach anxiety. Approach anxiety refers to the anxiety that arises in men right before they approach a female. That anxiety is produced by the fear of being rejected, embarrassed, judged or hurt.  A.A. is a big problem because it dramatically interferes with the process of learning seduction. How will you learn to seduce women if you cannot even approach them? [Learn How To Approach Women]

Rejection hurts. It can cause us to doubt our manhood and make us feel like we’ll never be able to land the hottest chick in the room. After one or two embarrassing rejections, it’s easy to become afraid of women. But if you want to get over fear of women, you have to get a handle over your emotions and man up. To overcome fear and insecurities to meet women and get them to want to come home with you, you have to give them a reason to. You need to display your values if you want her to be attracted to you. If you don’t act with confidence you will fail in demonstrating your survival values and women won’t feel attraction for you. I have slept with random women in public places countless times because I know how to generate massive attraction in my interactions and I can express myself confidently without fear or anxiety. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

If want to overcome fear and insecurities to meet women, you have to recognize your own strengths and believe in yourself. Women will be drawn to you like a magnet if you can approach them with confidence and a bit of style. Don’t let your fear prevent you from expressing yourself. You’re better than that. Overcome fear of approaching women and give them what they want—the real you. [Apply For Coaching]

My personalized exercises will help you to become fearless. The moment you stop following social conditioning is the moment you will become a free individual.

All my students have improved their social and seduction skills dramatically after training with me.

  • Check out Steve, He was a 33-years-old virgin when he started training with me. He was one of the creepiest guys I did met, and he had absolutely  no confidence or self-esteem. However, he soon lost his virginity and found a girlfriend after improving his seduction, social and pick-up skills.


satori pua's student kissing girl

 James was a shy white boy before training with me. He is one of my best students now. I been coaching him online for awhile. He have developed powerful pick-up, social and seduction skills. He is closing the hottest girls around his area. 





James making out

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  1. Nelson Devillegas says:

    Proud of Steve, not only a good guy in general but def making big changes in his life with the satori method.

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