How To pick up girls at night clubs and bars

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Do you want to know how to approach women at night clubs and bars? Do get anxious and weak when you try to figure out how to bring girls home from bars and night clubs? In a world full of powerless males, confidence always rules. For me, picking up women is easy, because I’m a risk taker and that attitude drives women wild. [Learn How To Approach Women]

The key factor in being a successful pick up artist is to be fearless. If you can lose fear, you can build a serious attraction with women. When I go out to pick up chicks, I use my confidence, body language and power to show off my survival values. My body language helps me communicate an Alfa vide which lets me into a females space. I also seek out the NYC best pickup spots for hook up and one night stand to up my chances of scoring big. Being confidence and fearless says a lot about you, and if a woman sees that, she’ll become like clay in your hands. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

Because I have perfected my confidence and my ability to show off my survival values, I get instant results. I get what I want when I want it from women. My methods don’t just work for me. I’ve helped some of the most insecure guys get instant results too. After I show them how to be confident, stay in the present, show off their survival values, and approach women, they no longer wonder how to bring girls home from bars and night clubs, because they can now do it themselves.

Watch two of my students making out with random girls from the streets for the first time in their entire life. [Apply For Coaching]

Satori PUA’s BootCamp from Satori Pua on Vimeo.

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This is the latest testimonial of one of my clients:


Watch this epic infield pick-up video of me Picking up a Married Girl In New York: 

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