How To Improve Your Inner Game.

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Women will be drawn to you if you conduct yourself in a way that conveys leadership qualities, the capacity for taking calculated risks, intelligence, and emotional stability. These characteristics are what we refer to as survival values, or the ability to survive. SVs is what makes you who you are; these are the intrinsic traits that define you. Having inner game entails being able to communicate your survival values to the opposite sex to the best of your ability.

Our unconscious conduct frequently serves as a means for us to express who we are. By repeatedly expressing specific characteristics that define our social rank or place in the social hierarchy, we are consistently teaching people how to treat us or behave around us. Through body language, face expression, and voice tonality, a homeless man, a male virgin, or a broke loser will unconsciously convey that he has no value. Women and society in general reject people who have nothing to contribute. For this reason, I advise everyone to work on their inner game because doing so will signal to others your value and help you attract more favorable circumstances, such as more dates or friends.

Through self-improvement, you can improve your inner game. Making money, being physically strong, and knowing how to fight will all help you communicate attractive traits since it will make you act confident, which will in turn cause you to attract women.

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