About Me

Satori PUA

My name is Satori, and I am a professional New York City based dating coach and Pick-Up Artist. My skills and knowledge enable me to help men get precisely what they want out of life: hot women! Without the right skills, most men wander aimlessly through life feeling like their a loser and never get the super-hot women they desire. I aim to change that.

What I Do

Put simply, I pickUp random women on the street to demonstrate that my method of attracting and seducing women works. I do much more than just tell men how to pick up women—I show them. I demonstrate the legitimacy of my methods and teachings by implementing them in real life. This gives students the confidence to try out my strategies for themselves. I have successful improved the lives of hundreds of students by teaching them the best and fastest way to get women.

My specialties include seduction, attraction, dating, relationships, and the pick-up lifestyle.

My Mission

My mission is to provide men with the best coaching at the best prices. I consider my teachings priceless, and my students would 100% agree, but I also believe all men can learn these skills if they use my services.

Stop waiting for a hot woman to fall into your lap. Take what you deserve out of relationships by learning from me.

_Satori PUA

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