Don't Be A Victim Of Women


There are a few things you need to know before interacting & building relationships with women. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid being manipulated by women and to use them to your advantage. Women, like all creatures in the world, are survival machines. The way women survive in this world is by using men. A woman will use you to raise her children, pay her rent, buy her food/drinks and fulfill any of her needs. Indeed, they are programmed to persuade men. They feel good about themselves when you buy them things and invest money in them. Ultimately, women use sex to persuade men. Most men will do anything to fulfill their sexual needs; therefore, men will do anything possible to be with women. [Learn How To Approach Women]

Every single creature in this world is programmed to survive and replicate. Men need women to replicate and women need men to survive. Women have a great advantage in this modern society because survival is of course much easier now than it was thousands of years ago. Women don’t need men to survive now, but they still have the genetic programming in their DNA of persuading men to fulfill their needs. In this modern society, men have a disadvantage. Despite thousands of years of evolution and changes, men still need women’s replication value in order to survive and spread their genes. Nowadays though, women don’t even need to be with a man to have babies; they can just go to a sperm bank and get pregnant. All things considered, women have the power to enslave you. They can manipulate you and ruin your life. Their game is more advanced than yours.  [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

Women’s mating strategies or “game” is far more advanced than the average man’s. An average woman is able to manipulate countless men in her social circle to get what she wants. She may have a bunch of beta males around for protection, a guy with a good salary as a boyfriend for resources, and a good player for sex. Women will take your money, fuck your best friend and destroy your reputation by telling everyone that you are an abusive boyfriend. The truth is extremely painful, but you have to accept it and take action in your life. Learn to play with fire without getting burnt. To make my point clear I will provide you with real-life examples that will help you realize women’s manipulative power. 

Not too long ago a girl called me complaining that her boyfriend was talking to another girl. I asked her, “Why you are so upset if you are cheating on him too?” To which she replied, “You don’t understand, I love him.” I remember when me and my friend FUCKED HER AT THE SAME TIME, and she is still currently seeing my friend. The only reason she loves her boyfriend so much is because he pays the rent and takes care of her. 

The reason why women prefer men with higher salary, higher status and greater power is because they have higher chances of surviving by being with men with such survival values. This means that if you marry a girl while being rich she will feel attracted to you, and if you become poor the attraction that she had for you will disappear and she will dump your ass. Women are programmed to make you fall in love with the ultimate purpose of obtaining your resources. Needless to say, women cheat even when they are married. Besides having stable and secure resources, women also want to pass the best genetics to their children; in other word, women will hook up with good-looking guys while they’re married.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that women are the only ones that are ruthless. We are ruthless too. Nature is ruthless in general. If your wife/girlfriend become extremely fat and ugly you will lose attraction for her since women’s value is based on their beauty. Everything happens on a subconscious level. When your partner starts losing their survival values you will start losing attraction for them, and then find a stupid excuse to dump them. My best advice for you to learn how to survive in this ruthless world is by learning good game. By learning game you will no longer be a victim of women, just the same as how learning martial arts helps you become much less of a victim to any potential attackers. [Apply For Coaching]

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