Jamie (Student)

“I have worked with a several pick up coaches in the past and here is my take on Satori as a coach.  First, this guy has a good vibe.  This is important because when you are challenged to the max doing scariest action, you will get nervous.  If a coach helps you somehow by neutralizing or lessening the anxiety, you will simply have better and more productive sessions.  Many coaches trying to help you with your brittle nerves by putting things into perspective with reasoning.  This helps but it has limits because your mind isn’t so logical when you are pushed to the max.  Everyone’s inner state is contagious.  Working with him will be less painful and more fertile.  Second, he has methodical approach to get you better.  It seems that he really understands what your weaknesses are and what needs to be done to tackle them.  Many PUAs just go by the list of things and make you do things that you needn’t be spending your time and money with.  Either these PUAs don’t understand you or they just go out with you to make extra cash.  For me, the things that this guy made me do definitely addressed my issues.    Remember that your sore points don’t change overnight.  We still need to work on them but I definitely see improvements on every aspects.”

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