Forbidden Pick-Up Videos

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This digital product contains unspeakable and phenomenal infield pick-up videos that are too explicit for public platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. 

Each video in this product is a master piece that will expose the true nature of women and will teach you how to attract and seduce women on demand.

Cheating Girlfriend Exposed. (Video #1)
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  1. Nash

    This product will teach you that women don’t care about your college degree, bank account or status. Women are attracted to masculinity and looks.

  2. Ike

    Women are attracted to men who give off vibes. A lot of the time women who have a type go for those men you mention because they usually display those behaviours of being strong, confident, cocky, dominant, bit of attitude….. Except those behaviours can be found in different doses in a lot of other attractive men. What is constant is that those behviours are universally attractive to women. And men tend to lose those when they settle down/get too comfortable. The product is great, it has Amazing Content.

  3. RRobz

    Buy this product if you want to witness the dark side of female nature. Satori is not afraid of showing you the ugly truth. In my book he is the realest and baddest pick up artist in the planet.

  4. Ali

    After watching the videos in this product you will automatically become red pilled. Satori shows you proof that women don’t give a shit about nice guys. Women act like whores in front of badboys/players and then act like virgins in front of beta male providers. This product will open your eyes.

  5. Steve

    Satori walks the walk. He is a real pick up artist.

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