Advance Street Game.

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“The streets will punish you for your misdeeds but it will reward and favor you for your boldness and audacity” _Satori Valencia.

Each video in this product is a master piece that will expose the true nature of women and will teach you how to attract and seduce women on demand. 

The product have Daygame/Nightgame infield footage of Dates and Instant Dates.

Picking Up A Porn Star Off The Streets (Video #1)
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  1. Marshall

    This Product (Advance Street Game) is epic. Satori teaches you everything you need to know about closing the deal with a lady. He also teaches you how to improve your conversational skills. What is great about this product is the fact that you can actually experience what he teaches because he is applying his method of seduction on women he is secretly recording. You can witness how Satori can lead a woman to feel attraction from the beginning of the conversion to the end. I definitely recommend this product, Satori is amazing.

  2. Ryan

    Solid insight. This is the crux of good game — if you can’t grasp fundamentals such as this, all the knowledge of ‘value’ and other BS PUA jargon is meaningless.

  3. Chainz

    As I reviewed his work, I could ask myself: Does the type of game that Satori runs apply to my Type? I have watched the product several times and the answer for me is yes. Satori is a very smart guy, and I’m impressed in many ways.

  4. Matt

    You will never find this type of infield pick up videos online, satori has an unique style. Satori game is underground, effective and crafty

  5. Marlon Crux

    This product will teach you how to demonstrate alpha male behavior. Women will chase you if you can demonstrate that you are a high value male. This product is awesome !

  6. nolan

    Satori is a very masculine man. In the videos you can witness how women respond to Satori’s assertiveness and boldness. This product have inspired me to be fearless and self-confident because I realized that women are naturally attracted to strong and capable men.

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