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How To Improve Your Inner Game.

7:59 pm
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The best way to improve your inner game is by developing a strong relationship with yourself. I carry myself with confidence because I respect who I am and that respect is based on all the choices I have made in my life. Avoiding drugs, eating healthy, working hard, being strong and brave are all acts of self-respect that have increased my confidence, self-esteem, and pride. Having self-respect will change the way you carry yourself and will make people treat you like royalty.
I gradually became an attractive alpha male by overcoming challenges and achieving goals which allowed […]

It Is Natural To Desire Multiple Women.

12:41 pm

It is natural for a man to desire multiple romantic and sexual partners. Biologically speaking, men can impregnant several women simultaneously therefore their biological imperative is designed to seek several sexual relationships with multiple women.

Western civilization shames promiscuous men and labels them as evil. Misconceptions and ignorance create a lot of problems in society. When a man lies about his own nature and acts against his biological imperative he will lose the will to work hard and improve himself. Civilizations are built by motivated men. Lazy, unmotivated and frustrated men will eventually destroy and create a lot of […]

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