Average Men Are Disposable For Women.


As technology advances and life becomes easier and more comfortable, the average man will become disposable. If you are no longer needed, you will no longer be wanted or desired.

If a machine can do your monotonous and unskilled labor, you will be fired from your job immediately, just because you will be a liability to the company. In today’s age, modern women prefer to stay single because average men have nothing to offer; in other words, average men are a liability to modern women.

The main purpose of dating for a woman is to obtain resources and protection from her partner. In today’s society, women can obtain their own resources by working a job, applying for welfare, divorce raping a rich dude, selling nudes online, and living off their parents. Also, they don’t need protection from their partners because of the well-established police departments. Modern women prefer to stay single because they don’t need the average man anymore.

Modern women don’t need average men for sex either. Modern women have access to the top 20% of high-value men, thanks to dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. If you stay average, you will die (metaphorically speaking).

Many years ago, I found myself lonely and without women, like most modern men out there. I couldn’t cope with it by watching internet porn or paying prostitutes as most men do. I hate internet porn, and I would never sleep with a woman for money, even if my life depends on it.

I only had three options to survive in the modern world, which were; 1- Become rich and famous. 2- Learn the game and be really good at picking up women 3- Jump from a bridge.

Options one and three seemed impossible, so I just went out there, and I became a master at picking up women. I created a few algorithms and systems to get consistent results. I developed dozens of complex skills. I also improved my character and personality. Now I can’t spend a week without banging a new girl or having sex.

After I learned the game and started teaching it, I felt like escaping from prison, killing the wardens and freeing all the inmates. [Apply For Coaching]

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