Don't Take Rejection Personal.

Women are ruthless when it comes to choosing a mate. Relationships and sex are a big investment for women. Most women are willing to stay single for years in order to find someone worthy of their investment.
If a woman rejects you do not take it personal, she has rejected hundreds of men before you. Keep improving yourself and don’t stop playing the field until you find a woman.
I have been rejected hundreds times by all types of women. I have also dated and slept with extremely attractive women. If you are a man in the dating market you will get more noes than yesses. If a woman says yes to everyman she has not value. Rejection is part of the game.
When a woman says yes to someone she will fully commit herself to that man and bend to his will. She will give her soul, body and spirit to one man and one man only.
When I started a relationship with my current girlfriend she naturally became submissive and supportive. She is my ride or die girl.
As a pick up artist I get to reject women because I have more options than average men. I have rejected dozen of beautiful women in the past because I didn’t see myself having a relationship with them and I was focused in my career (cold approach pick-up).

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