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Beginner Training Program

Simple steps to Build yourself up into a person who Gets Laid.

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Learning how to pick-up women is a lifestyle that will absolutely change your life! It’s a journey that requires your full commitment. Pick-up is extremely difficult, but with years of experience and research, I have mastered it! To be successful at picking up women, you must develop strong social skills, have an unbreakable confidence, and create a unique persona for yourself.

As your friend and guide through this journey, I will help you build yourself up into a person you and everyone will love. Change requires pain and suffering, but the end result is life-changing and well worth it.

I have created mind blowing methods that are guaranteed and fool-proof! My years of experience and knowledge saves you years of rejection. I took the bullet for you brothers, now join me in this journey in becoming a master at pick-up.


Beginner Training Program:
This Beginner Training Program will completely build your confidence, help you develope your unique character, teach you how to cold approach, and get real results with beautiful women. This program will create your foundation and save your dating life.


Training includes:

- 24/7 Chat Support with Satori PUA through Whats-app or Facebook Messenger
- Full access to all my private infield and informational pickup videos.
- Analyze and Review Your Interactions With Women (You need to send me your infield videos).


90% Complete
Monthly Training : Number of payments 4
(You Only Pay $97.00 USD Each Month).