The Art Of Taking Girls Home The Same Day Of Meeting

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You may ask yourself whether it’s even possible to take home and have sex with a complete stranger that you just met in the street. To be honest with you, I will tell you that it’s totally possible, but it’s certainly not easy. The purpose of this post is to change your perception and belief system. I want you to believe that you are capable of learning how to attract, seduce and have sex with any kind of women. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

Most men want to have sex with multiple women, but they fail in achieving their lifestyle goals because they don’t truly believe that they can seduce random women in the street. The art of pick-up is outside of their reality. Before being a pick-up artist I didn’t believe that I could seduce random girls in the street. However, my lifestyle drastically changed after learning the art of pick-up. [Apply For Coaching]

Now, I want you to watch the following video so you can witness a successful pick-up. After watching this video your perception will change and you will believe that anyone is capable of seducing a random girl. In this video you will see me seducing a random girl on a train and having sex with her the very same night. [Learn How To Approach Women]

Satori PUA Seduce & Takes Home Random Girl From Train from Satori Pua on Vimeo.


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  1. Mike Patel says:

    Hey Satori,

    Thanks for showing us exactly how it’s done – you’re a great inspiration to other guys.

    Once you break free from the fear of rejection – that’s extremely liberating.


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