How To Seduce Girls During The Day (+ Lay Report)


You have options when it comes to getting new women in your life. If you don’t have a solid social circle in where you can meet beautiful women consistently you should try Day-game. It’s extremely hard to pick-up random women but it worth the effort because after you learn proper game you will have the opportunity of having as many women as you want.

Day-game is the hardest way to get women. The reason of why day-game is a challenge is because women are not in the mood or in a social state to talk to you. To do Day-game you must have a structure, a plan and system to get the girl. [Learn How To Approach Women]

You must have a great combination of routines and gambits that will lead the girl into feeling attracted and comfortable with you. You must have a good non-threatening but friendly and funny opener to start a conversation. 

Also you must possess a good contagious vibe that make her feel good in your presence.  After she is comfortable with you, you must trigger attraction by displaying your survival values. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

After she is comfortable and attracted to you, you must take her to an instant date to build a connection. You build the connection by touching her in certain areas of her body that will trigger certain emotions. You can do that by holding her hand, kissing and hugging her. [Apply For Coaching]

After you built comfort, attraction and a strong connection you must set a second date. During the second date you must be romantic, fun and sexy. You must show sexual interest by grabbing her ass while kissing her and compliment her body. In the 3rd date you must have sex with her me.

Lay Report:

-Text after an instant date with a girl I met in Time Sq:


– Second date:


– Third Date:



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