Making a girl orgasim (Audio)


It’s no secret I am the king of picking up women. I mean, I do it for a living. If you don’t believe me, I’ve got proof and today I’m sharing that proof with you. If you want to know how to get laid fast, then take a cue from my story.

Part of the way I teach my students is through real life work. While teaching one of my students how to pick up women, I sparked one of the wildest sexual experiences of my dating life. It all started when I met this random girl outside of a bar. When I first saw her, we held strong eye contact for several moments. It was obvious we were naturally attracted to each other. There was an instant attraction. So, I naturally made a move. [ Apply For Coaching]

I walked up to her and put my arm around her shoulder and graciously asked her if she wanted to make a baby with me. She immediately burst into laughter and said, “Yeah.” She gave me her number and we agreed to meet up to get drinks later that night.
I sent her a text after about 2 hours asking her if she was still down to make a baby with me. She replied to my text with the address of a bar near her place. As soon as I got to the bar, she was all over me. We started to make out without saying a word. We didn’t even get a chance to order anything at the bar, we left without ordering and headed straight to her apartment. [Learn How To Approach Women]

Wild sex between strangers is always hot, and this was no exception. Her body was on point, and I made her orgasm so hard she couldn’t get enough and was begging me for more after we finished. So, I naturally obliged and we had wild sex multiple times more, with her orgasming harder each time. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

Wanna hear what that sounded like? Check out this link to her orgasming for yourself.

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