Pick-up is very difficult but it will set you free.


Pick-up is extremely difficult and complex. Only few men have put all the pieces together and have solved the puzzle. More than a 90% of men suck at game. If you are part of that 90% be aware that you are destined to be lonely, date unattractive girls, be cheated on, be a puppet and a walking wallet. My advice for you is to start learning pick-up from the very few people that have solved the puzzle. [Learn How To Approach Women]

Fucking a drunk girl in a busy night club, hooking up with a co-worker or fucking someone in your social circle does not make you a skilled Pick-Up artist.

If you think that you are good at picking up women I want you to do a simple experiment, I want you to go out alone to the streets to do Day-game and try to pick-up women above 7. After the first hour you will realize how useless and pathetic you are when it comes to pick-up. [Learn How To Get Laid On Tinder]

The only reason of why I call myself a PUA is because I can demonstrate that I can consistently Pick-Up attractive women from the streets on demand. I’m also respected by the few men out there who can properly do pick-up.

“Survival of the fittest” is a realistic term. Only the strong will survive and will spread their genes. I know many people that have more than 10 years doing game and still suck at Pick-Up. It not all about taking action. It’s about learning from the very few men who can properly pick-up a women.


You must do whatever it takes to get good at pick-up. Pick-up is very difficult but it will set you free. If you fail at working hard on yourself to make yourself be more powerful, strong and wealthy you will be a piece of shit the rest of your life. As a man you must master the game, go to the gym, learn how to fight and learn how to make money. You must survive and thrive. Pick-up is the core of self-improvement for men,

Now that you are reading this I will tell you something beautiful that will make you cry in bed every night. The following list will state all the things that will happen to you if you don’t work on yourself and remain average:

– If you are an average guy you will only attract fat, ugly and slutty girls that will devour your money, time and energy. After they consume you they will toast you away like a piece of garbage.

– If you are an average guy your girlfriend will never be in the mood for sex but she will suck everybody dicks in a busy night club.

– if you are an average guy it will be very difficult for you to get women in your life and you will spend your entire life alone masturbating to weird internet porn.

I have got blow jobs in public bathroom from happily married women while the husbands cannot even get a hand job from their own wives. I have pick-up skills and I can make hot girls put my salty dick in their mouth. When you demonstrate that you are a alpha male women will want to be loyal to you even when they are married.

this European bitch paid an expensive plane ticket to see me again. She like being dominated and treated like a dog. She told that her boyfriend is a pussy and is very hard to find a real man in her country.


If I offend you and you cannot handle the truth you should stop reading this article, drink the blue pill and believe whatever the fuck you want to believe. Believe in the lies of society if you want to be comfortable while your wife is getting fuck in the ass.

I am not your enemy. I just want to liberate you from slavery and suffering. You may hate what I say and believe that I’m the bad guy but in reality I am the only guy who is brave enough to speak the truth in a world full of lies. I have suffered a great amount of pain for being truthful. I have crucified myself for the truth. The only reason of why pick-up is my passion is because I am helping thousands of men to be free and powerful. I am the only mother fucker who wants to Genuinely help you. [Apply For Coaching]

Breaking free from the lies and the bullshit in your life will cause you pain, suffering and chaos but it will allow you to see the truth and improve as a person. Quitting your dead end job, breaking up with your ugly ass girlfriend and avoiding your toxic friends will turn your life into a living hell in the begging but it will set you free. Many people stay the same because they are afraid of chaos but chaos is all there is. “Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder”.

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